RLC: Additional Known Issues for Release Control 6.2

ID:    S142175
Published:    13 June 2017
Updated:    13 June 2017

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • Release Control 6.2


 Following are additional Known Issues that may be encountered when using Release Control 6.2.


  • The user interface renders slowly when there are a lot of deployment tasks, especially in Internet Explorer 11. (DEF302156)

    When there are a lot of deployment tasks, the user interface responds slowly, especially in Internet Explorer 11. To resolve this, you should change Page Size at the bottom of the deployment task widget to 10 so that only a few deployment tasks are displayed at once.

  • Release Control does not prevent you from deactivating environment groups or changing environments assigned to environment groups if they are already in use. (DEF302422)

    If you deactivate an environment group or change environment groups that are already in use, a number of issues can occur, including the following:

    • Upon deployment retry with a deactivated environment group, there is an empty environment picker form and retry is blocked.
    • Approvals can't be created through auto-transition if an environment group is deactivated.
    • You cannot deploy to that environment group.

    You must not deactivate or change environments in environment groups that are in use.

  • If you change the environments in a deployment path, the environment picker shows the wrong information for environment selections for release packages or deployable release trains that subsequently use this path. (DEF302837)

    If you change an environment or change an environment name in a deployment path and create a release package or deployable release train that uses this path, the environment picker does not pick up this new information automatically.

    You must not edit the deployment path after adding the environments.

  • If there is a version of a plugin put in the earlier location, Release Control Administration can't be opened. (DEF301992)

    Earlier versions of plugins must be removed from the old plugin installation directory and a supported version put into the new plugin installation directory. If not, you may not be able to open Release Control Administration to configure the plugin and its configurations. See the Plugin Release Notes for plugin upgrade instructions.

  • An error is written to the Release Control log when many tasks are deployed in parallel, even when no error actually occurs. (DEF299186)

    When you deploy to an environment group that has many environments, an error similar to the following may appear in the log, even though the deployment is successful:

  • RlcRuntimeException: Transition TURNOVER.DEPLOYMENT_COMPLETE(null) is not available

    You can ignore this message.

  • You cannot deploy again on the current environment after you have rejected deployment into that environment. (DEF302576) 

    If you schedule into an environment, reject the scheduling, and then re-validate the task and try to deploy again on the current environment, you cannot start deployment.

    You will receive an error message similar to the following:

    "One or more fields are invalid. 'Current Scheduled Item' has an invalid selection. Please select a valid value to complete this transaction."

  • If you remove Release Control, the installer does not indicate that you must configure after it removes the solution. (DEF300308)

    Apply is required after you remove Release Control, because on first Apply after uninstallation, the SBM Configurator removes solution files from SBM. There is no prompt from the installer to indicate this is necessary.

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