RLC: After upgrade, release packages that were left in one of several states require additional post-upgrade transitions

ID:    S142123
Published:    09 May 2017
Updated:    20 June 2017

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • Release Control 6.2


Release packages that are in the following states upon upgrade cannot be completed properly after upgrade due to changes in the workflow.

  • deploying - cannot cancel deploying without a group ID
  • deployed - if an release package (RP) has a child RP, deployment execution information is incorrect after unlinking because QA Result and QA Complete are missing
  • deployment error - error on Retry; it has the incorrect environment picker, and therefore you can't select and deselect tasks


If you cannot complete them before upgrading, you must use the provided transition to get the release package to the correct place in the workflow to move forward.


After promoting all new process apps, run the Upgrade Release Package transition on all release packages. Any release packages in the deploying, deployed, and deployment error states will be upgraded. You can see if a release package is upgraded by looking at its latest deployment. If it has a blank Grp ID field, it has been upgraded.

For details on using mass update to run this transition on all release packages in a report, see SBM Work Center Help topic "Using the Mass Update Feature". 

Applies To

Release Control 6.2

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