VM 8.6.1+ Can you avoid VM I-Net Web Client users having to manually grant the Agent access to the server?

ID:    S143621
Published:    19 April 2022
Updated:    21 April 2022

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • PVCS Version Manager


Upon first login, VM I-Net Web Client users need to press a button labeled I accept the risks to grant the Agent access to the server.
Is there any way to skip this step?



The prompt exists because the Agent is very powerful, given it can read, write and execute files as the user, and we want to avoid a third party from abusing its abilities. To do that, the Agent cannot trust anything the server says. The confirmation to let the Agent trust the server therefore either has to come from the user by way of the dialog prompt, or from an administrative configuration file in a directory a user process normally cannot write to.

If the IT department has the ability to send files to PCs using administrative privileges, then they can create the following administrative configuration file:
This file is read before the user configuration file, if it exits, allowing an administrator to define default settings for all users on that machine.
An easy way to populate the administrative configuration file is to copy the user configuration file from a PC configured to connect to the server by pressing the I accept the risk button. The user configuration file is located at:

Steps to setup a default configuration there for are: 

  1. An administrator configures their own Agent as desired.
  2. Their personal configuration file %USERPROFILE%\.pvcs\PvcsWebClientAgentUserConfiguration.jso is used as a template for PvcsWebClientAgentAdminConfiguration.json
  3. On each PC, the following directory is created: %CommonProgramFiles%\PVCS
  4. On each PC, the template from step 2 is copied to %CommonProgramFiles%\PVCS\PvcsWebClientAgentAdminConfiguration.json

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