PVCS VM RIDE Issues view in Eclipse stops working after changing the password of the SBM user
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ID:    S143617
Published:    14 February 2022

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows
  • Linux


  • PVCS Version Manager


The Eclipse PVCS VM RIDE | Import Project from Version Manager operation provides the option to setup Issue integration with SBM (TeamTrack). When this is used, the username and password of the SBM user are preserved in the Eclipse Workspace.
If the password of the SBM user changes, the PVCS VM RIDE Issues view stops working with a message similar to:

TeamTrack Error
Error running the selected report (Invalid user)
How can the workspace be updated with the modified password?



The stored SBM password (and/or username) can be changed using the following steps:
  1. Using Package Explorer, perform a right-click on the Project in Eclipse whose SBM password you want to change and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog, select PVCS VM RIDE.
  3. In the TeamTrack information section, click the ellipsis (...) button at the end of Username field:

  4. Change the Password (and/or Username):

  5. After applying the changes, press the Refresh icon in the PVCS VM RIDE Issues view:

  6. The view should now be operational again:

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