Dim cm : after changing of SBM SSO server, web client is still pointing to the previous SBM SSO server

ID:    S143577
Published:    13 October 2021


  • Dimensions CM


Dimensions CM server is configured to use SSO with an SBM server.

user as :

_ installed a new SBM server to be used for SSO

_ changed value of SSO_STS_ENDPOINT parameter in dm.cfg to point to the new SBM server

_ deleted contents of "work" folder of Tomcat

_ stopped/restarted Dimensions cm listener and Tomcat


when starting web client, it sill points to the previous SBM SSO server.

What is causing? how to fix it?


edit the file common/tomcat/8.5/alfssogatekeeper/conf/gatekeeper-core-config.xml then update any URL with the new SBM server then stop/start Tomcat then relaunch web client

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