REST API: Member content failing translation of national characters (L10N/I18N)

ID:    S143511
Published:    03 September 2021

Operating System(s)

  • Z/OS


  • ChangeMan ZMF


After installing the fix for OCTCR46A125002 (Localisation (l10n/i18n) problem using REST API), users can access datasets and members containing special (e.g. national) characters from the REST services. However, the content of the data being returned is still not being converted in the expected manner.

For example, let's take a baseline component named @@ in US/UK code pages and §§ in German code pages. This contains the following content when viewed in a UK TSO environment:

Dummy member @@                                                         00010000

And this when viewed in a German TSO environment:

Dummy member §§                                                         00010000

When the ZMF Server started task is running with a default LCLCCSID/CCSID (37) the REST Services test tool returns the expected data running the GET /component/browsebaseline service, identical to that displayed in TSO.

When the ZMF Server task is running with LCLCCSID/CCSID=1141 the returned data is misformatted as follows:

Dummy member §§                                                         00010000

Applies To

ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 5

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