Release Cadence for ChangeMan ZMF – Post-February 2021

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Published:    25 September 2018
Updated:    22 February 2021

Operating System(s)

  • Z/OS


  • ChangeMan ZMF
  • ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack


NOTE: Article content significantly updated February 2021.

Alongside the release of ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 on 27th September 2018, Micro Focus documented a revamped approach to the way in which we produce new releases of ChangeMan ZMF. Since then we have adapted that approach based on customer feedback and requirements. This article explains the current situation and can be broken down into the following headings:

1. Why are we changing?

2. What is changing?

3. When is this changing?

4. What you should know and the effect it will have on you, the customer.


1. Why are we changing?

Customers have told us that they do not want major releases but a simpler update process that allows them to take product enhancements and fixes without having to undertake a major migration exercise. These sentiments have been taken into account in defining our strategy for future releases of the product.

2. What is changing?

As a result of this customer feedback, we will be delivering patch updates that are easy to install and adopt that will be released every 6-9 months. We will only deliver major releases when we are not able to deliver new functionality through this update process. Upon any major release, we will support the prior release for at least 2 years after the General Availability (GA) of the new major release.

This will greatly assist our customers to be version current, without having to upgrade to a major release.

We will post information about product releases and any customer-facing details regarding our roadmap as well as “What’s New” on our Micro Focus Community website here:

Also, please submit any new enhancements you wish to see added to ChangeMan ZMF (or any of our mainframe tools that support ChangeMan ZMF) to the Micro Focus Community ChangeMan ZMF Idea Exchange forum. Here other customers will also have an opportunity to vote on them, allowing the  higher voted features to be considered for inclusion in a future release. This forum can be reached on the following link:

If you have not already done so, please register to our Community site and subscribe for email notifications.

3. When is this changing?

This change comes into effect on 1st February 2021. It applies to all currently supported and future versions of the product.

4. What you should know and the effect will it have on you, the customer.

Customers should be aware of the following:

a) Cumulative Patch Releases

The preventive maintenance delivered for a major release (e.g. Patch 1, Patch 2, etc) will still be cumulative. For example, Patch 2 will include all maintenance previously released in Patch 1. Similarly, Patch 5 will include all maintenance previously released in Patches 1, 2, 3 & 4.

b) Bug Fixes

As has always been the case, all fixes will be developed for testing and GA in the next available release that is open for development. This will usually be the next patch release scheduled to be made GA.

c) Hotfixes

In exceptional circumstances, e.g. where a problem severely affects product functionality or impacts a customer's business needs, requests for a hotfix will be considered by the ChangeMan ZMF Product Team.

Customers must be aware that they will be expected to have the latest GA patch release installed in order to receive a hotfix. Also, only Severity 1 or Severity 2 issues will be considered for provision of a hotfix. Severity 3 or Severity 4 problems are not eligible to be resolved via a hotfix.

Customers requesting hotfixes will be asked to assist the Customer Support team in creating a justification to produce the hotfix.  If a hotfix has already been justified, accepted and produced for a specific defect then this can be supplied to other customers requesting that fix on the same version of the product without repeating this process.

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ChangeMan ZMF 8.2

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