Deployment Automation 6.2: Supporting files for Creating Custom External Source Configuration Types

ID:    S142533
Published:    13 April 2018
Updated:    19 June 2018


  • Deployment Automation 6.2


You can create your own external source configuration types to use for your components in DA 6.1.5 and later.

This KB item is for DA 6.2. If you are using DA 6.1.5, see the related KB item, S142231.


Download the attached zip file, which contains the custom source configuration type project. It includes the sct-commons-1.1.0 support files and the example source configuration type .java file. 

The documentation for how to implement these is in "Creating Custom Source Configuration Types" in the Deployment Automation Integration Guide and User's Help on the Documentation Center. Also see the Javadocs.
The sample project can be built using Maven. For example, in Windows:
  1. Download and extract the sample project attached to this KB item.
  2. Ensure you have Maven installed. 
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. Type the following command to build the project:

    mvn clean install site

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Release Automation 6.2


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