PVCS VM I-Net Web Client users running Java 6 get: Java Certificate confirmation dialog was cancelled.

ID:    S142044
Published:    24 February 2017
Updated:    13 July 2023

Operating System(s)

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  • All Windows


  • PVCS Version Manager


Customers running PVCS VM 8.6.0, or PVCS VM 8.4.6 ComboHotfix 1 through PVCS VM 8.5.3 with the re-signed applet certificates from KB doc P2786 or P2788, get the following error message while trying to login to the VM I-Net Web Client from a browser that uses a Java 6 plug-in:
Java Certificate confirmation dialog was cancelled. To be able to work with VM I-Net,
please, close all instances of current web browser and confirm Java Certificate next time.



This message is the result of using a SHA256 signed applet, which the Java 6 plugin does not support. Please see KB doc P2788 for an explanation of this issue, and consider if you want to use the SHA1 version of the applet instead, understanding the limitations this imposes.
The PVCS VM 8.6.0 Web Client no longer supports Java 6 and exclusively uses SHA256 signed applets.
As of PVCS VM 8.6.2, the Web Client VM no longer uses Java on the end-user's PC at all, removing this type of issue. Upgrading to the latest PVCS VM release is strongly recommended. (For users of VM 8.6.0 or older: upgrading adds support for Chrome, Edge and Firefox.)

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