ZMF and Reusable ASIDs - REUSASID

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Published:    18 August 2016
Updated:    06 July 2017

Operating System(s)

  • Z/OS


  • ChangeMan ZMF


Beginning in ZMF 7.1.2, SERNET, ChangeMan ZMF, and all selectable options for ChangeMan ZMF except the Enterprise Release Option (ERO) are compatible with reusable ASIDs.  (ERO calls DB2 from the ZMF started task, and DB2 is not compatible with reusable ASIDs).

Beginning in ZMF 8.1.1, the DB2 Option will also make calls to DB2 from the ZMF started task.  Thus, a ZMF 8.1.1+ started task, running with the DB2 Option, cannot be started with REUSASID=YES.  Doing so will result in the following errors:

1. abend S0D3 when ZMF (running with a reusable ASID) connects to DB2 (non-reusable ASID).
2. Error message ‘CMN7025A Unable to establish connection to DB2 subsystem’ when accessing Global Admin function A.G.O.2.2.   
3. Error message 'CMN8703I - DEMO001337 File Tailoring service failed' during execution of File tailoring tasks (e.g. CMNxADSP) when promoting a package containing DB2 objects. 


To resolve the known issues listed above, remove REUSASID=YES from the START command of the ZMF started procedure.

This is not a ZMF problem.  DB2 does not support reusable address spaces, and IBM have made no comment on whether they will support it, or when.  Until IBM enable REUSASID support for DB2, customers will have to run their ZMF task (with either the ERO option or DB2 Option) without REUSASID=YES.

The only relief, until IBM supports reusable address spaces for DB2, is to increase the number of ASIDs in IEASYSxx. 

Reusable ASIDs are a function of the z/OS operating system.  For further information on the assignment of reusable ASIDs, please refer to IBM's MVS System Command Reference manual.

Per the IBM manual, a system task will be assigned a reusable ASID or an ordinary ASID based on your environment's configuration.

When REUSASID=YES is specified on the START command and REUSASID(YES) is specified in the DIAGxx parmlib member, a reusable ASID is assigned to the address space created by the START command. If REUSASID=YES is not specified on the START command or REUSASID(NO) is specified in DIAGxx, an ordinary ASID is assigned.

Please note: REUSASID=YES is a parameter of the MVS START command as described above in the IBM documentation.  It is not a Sernet Keyword Option.  
ZMF tasks running with either the ERO Option or the DB2 Option at releases 8.1.1 and above cannot be started with REUSASID=YES. 

Applies To

ChangeMan ZMF 8.1.1

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