URL attachments and restricted attachments no longer returned in Work Center search results

ID:    S141365
Published:    25 September 2015
Updated:    08 May 2020

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • SBM


As of SBM 11.0, URL attachments (such as links to an external Web site or to a page within SBM) and restricted attachments are no longer indexed and returned in Work Center search results by default.  


 To add them to search results, perform the following steps:


  1. 1. On the SBM Common Services machine, edit the file located here:
         installDirectory\Serena\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\webapps\commonsvc\WEB-INF\classes
  2. To return URL attachments, edit lucene.indexURLAttachments to be true. 
  3. To return restricted file attachments, make sure lucene.indexFileAttachments is true and edit lucene.searchRestrictedAttachments to be true.  For example:
  4. Restart the SBM Tomcat service.
  5. Perform a Work Center Search Re-Index operation using SBM Configurator. (Click Re-Index on the Common Services tab in Configurator)

Important: You must perform the re-index. Otherwise, only URLs and attachments for new and changed items will be parsed, and existing URLs and attachments will be ignored.


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