How to use the RunReportXml web service with a report that takes a query at runtime parameter.

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Published:    05 May 2015


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 If you want to run the RunReportXml web service that uses a report that takes a query at runtime parameter the following video should help in setting this up.


NOTE: You need to be running at least SBM 10.1.5 for this feature to be enabled.


After watching the attached video the following are the lines mentioned for your soap call. The F67v1 value will be the value in your code when you run this report in the standard UI. If you have multiple query at runtime values the code would look like the following as an example.



               <urn:extraOption><urn:name>F67v1</urn:name><urn:value>Your Value</urn:value></urn:extraOption> 

               <urn:extraOption><urn:name>F70v1</urn:name><urn:value>Your Other Value</urn:value></urn:extraOption> 




When you run the web service the response should be the same results you get in the UI but in XML format.


File NameFile SizeDownLoad
RunReportXML.mp4 13.4MB HTTPS

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