SLM: How do I activate my license for, or move (rehost) my existing license keys to a new license server?

ID:    S140217
Published:    23 January 2014
Updated:    11 October 2023


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When SLM (a.k.a. the Serena License Manager) is installed on a new system, or a virtual machine is moved, the existing license keys have to be rehosted before they can be used again.
Simply copying the licenses from the old system, or not doing anything after a virtual machine is moved, will render the existing licenses invalid. Without valid licenses the SLM server cannot launch, and as result products trying to use this sever will throw errors like:
  • Access has been denied due to a licensing problem.  Unable to reach License Server SLM_Server
  • Command: Cannot connect to license server system. (-15,10:10061 "WinSock: Connection refused"): VersionManager (UserID)
  • No concurrent licenses are available. Please contact your administrator or try again later.



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