Error "InitExtension Failure: An error occurred while publishing resources from database" when login

ID:    S137403
Published:    04 September 2009
Updated:    09 January 2015


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When logging into the web interface of SBM, the user is immediately presented with the error message:
InitExtension Failed:
An error occurred while publishing resources from the database.



The problem lies with the permissions on a certain folder in the SBM installation directory, which is used to store temporary resource data. If the IIS IUSR (or other user used by your IIS installation) can not create new subfolders in this directory, then the above error message will result. If you have internal authentication in SBM and IIS Directory Security is set to anonymous, the IUSR account normally writes these files.  If you are using NTLM (NTCR, Windows authentication)  then the first user that logs into IIS after a restart or reload must have privileges.
The solution is to set the file permissions on the following folder:
[SBM Install Dir]\Application Engine\bin\resourcetmp
(this is just the default installation location, if you installed SBM in a different location, your path will differ accordingly).

Depending on the authentication type selected on the IIS virtual folder/application TMTRACK the following pertain: 
  • Anonymous Authentication, check that the IUSR account owns the resourcetmp folder listed above and has the Modify permission assigned (it needs to be able to delete folder and recreate it), same for all subfolders.
  • Windows Authentication ( NTLM ) then the first user to logon to the runtime environment after an IIS Service restart must have Modify permissions to the resourcetmp folder listed above. For example someone with local admin permissions like the Administrator account would need to login to SBM first after a restart. If you cannot guarantee to control the first user that logs on then all potential users will need to have Modify permissions to the resourcetmp directory so the appropriate files get be pulled from the database and created on the file system ( For Example the Domain Users group could be given Modify permission to this folder ). As a test you could have a non administrator login to the SBM server and manually create a file in the [SBM Install Dir]\Application Engine\bin\resourcetmp. If they are able to create a file then they should be able to login first after an IIS restart.
In IIS 7 and higher, the TMTRACK application can be set to use Application User (or pass-through authentication).  This means that the application pool account will need to have Modify permissions
Note: There have also been instances where customers have needed to give the IUSR account read access to the root C:\ directory.
Steps to Fix
  1. Assign IIS User Modify access to [SBM Install Dir]\Application Engine and insure that access is inherited to all directories below. The user should be able to delete and recreate bin\resourcetmpDoes it work?
  2. Create a new IIS service user that has all permissions and users rights assigned to the IIS_Users group.  Verify if it works.
  3. If creating a new service account fails, it will be necessary to reinstall IIS.

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