TeamTrack to Business Mashups Upgrade Preparation Scripts

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Published:    14 August 2009
Updated:    14 June 2015


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The upgrade from TeamTrack to Serena Business Mashups makes many changes to your database. To help you succeed with the upgrade, we have provided a bundle of scripts that provide information about changes that will occur.

The scripts help you to determine manual changes that you can make before the upgrade which will make the upgrade process flow smoother. For example, a pre-upgrade change that must occur before the upgrade includes taking TeamScripts that are more than 32,000 characters and breaking them into smaller scripts that reference each other using $INCLUDE. Other pre-upgrade tasks are optional; however, they will prevent unintended results during the upgrade. For example, to eliminate the creation of unwanted workflows, you can use the results of the NewWorkflows script to see where transition overrides exist at the project level and move the transition overrides to the workflow level.

The scripts also show you where you must make changes after the upgrade completes. The post upgrade changes include updates to your SQL queries used in TeamScript or other database queries. The SQL needs to be updated to interact with certain columns correctly, as some columns will change data type during the upgrade.

To view the Overview information and instructions, unzip the file and open the file "upgrade_scripts_readme.htm".

IMPORTANT: Also, please note that the attached Active Perl scripts were last tested on Active Perl v5.18.4.1803 found here:


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