VM 6.5+: How to delete Archives using the VM Deskopt Client GUI

ID:    S121204
Published:    22 January 2002
Updated:    27 April 2023

Operating System(s)

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  • PVCS Version Manager


How to delete Archives using the VM Deskopt Client GUI


In order to delete the archive of a file:
  1. Locate the versioned file in the Version Manager Desktop Client GUI.
  2. Perform right-click | Properties (or use File | Properties) and copy the Archive path.
  3. Perform right-click | Delete (or use File | Delete) to remove remove the pointer to the archive from the project.

    This action does not delete the archive from the repository, so it can always be put back using Admin | Import Archives. If that is acceptable, stop here.
  4. To delete the archive as well, for example to start from scratch:

    Is the repository accessed using the Version Manager File Server?
    • Yes: Follow the instructions from KB doc S138367, using the path from step 2.
    • No: Navigate to the Archive folder for that Project Database (using path from step 2) and delete the archive, or execute one of the following commands:
      • Windows:

        del /f "ArchivePath"
      • Linux/UNIX:

        rm "ArchivePath"

    NOTE: Be careful when deleting an archive, since it might be shared with other projects. This should be checked carefully beforehand. KB doc S119962 can help to find out.

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