HotFix for SourceBridge Web Client certificate expiring on February 25th 2017

ID:    P2789
Published:    25 February 2017

Operating System(s)

  • All Unix
  • All Windows


  • PVCS Version Manager
  • SBM


The certificate that was used to sign the SourceBridge Web Client applet (a.k.a. VMTeamTrackConnection) expires on February 25th 2017.

After this day, users will get a message similar to:
The certificate used to identify this application has expired.
Use the instructions below to replace the applets with ones that have been re-signed.
The re-signed applets come in 2 versions: SHA1 and SHA256. The SHA1 version matches the type that was previously used to sign applets, but an upcoming Oracle Java update will no longer accept these signatures as valid. The reason the SHA1 version is also offered is that the SHA256 version is not supported by Java 6.

We strongly recommend you use the SHA256 version, unless you have an urgent need to use Java 6 and do not intend to install Java updates going forward that will treat SHA1 signatures as unsigned.

To install the Hotfix, do the following:
  1. On the SBM server, stop the Application Engine (AE) by shutting down the corresponding website in IIS Admin.
  2. Go to the directory SBM_Installation_Directory\Application Engine\bin\java.
  3. Preserve the files in this directory by making a backup copy or moving them to another location.
  4. Extract the contents from one of the attached ZIP files into this directory (choose either SHA1 or SHA256).
  5. Open SBM System Administrator and connect to the correct database.
  6. Run File -> Put Files Into Database.
  7. Restart AE by restarting the corresponding website in IIS Admin.
  8. Login to SBM from a web browser.
  9. Make sure the extract files continue to exist in the correct versions by comparing the date-time stamps:

    02/25/2017  05:43 AM            26,539
    02/25/2017  05:43 AM            17,618 VMTeamTrackConnection.jar

    02/25/2017  05:44 AM            25,971
    02/25/2017  05:44 AM            17,335 VMTeamTrackConnection.jar

    Should they have reverted back to the original copies, repeat the steps above.
  10. Flush the Java cache on the end-user's PC as necessary.


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