KB-Dim:UI profile not being disable New Baseline button function and view from webclient

ID:    D9998
Published:    15 September 2009
Updated:    30 September 2011

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Dimensions CM 2009 R1.01

Resolved In

Dimensions CM 12.1




Steps To Reproduce - Create an UI profile from Adminconsole - Assign this UI profile to a User - Un-tick all Baseline views from VIEW tab - Un-tick all Baseline operation from OPERATIONS Expected Result - User should not allow to view baseline both from Desktop Client and Webclient - User should not allow to create new baseline both from Desktop Client and Webclient Actual Result - In Desktop client user unable to create new baseline so this is correct - But in webclient user unable to view baseline but there is New Baseline button is still functioning.


Forward to development team for review.

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