Unable to edit item related as AFFECTED to a request in another project

ID:    D9994
Published:    08 March 2010
Updated:    30 September 2011

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Dimensions CM 2009 R2

Resolved In

Dimensions CM 12.1




Between versions 10.1.3 and 2009 R2, it is no longer possible to edit an item which is related as AFFECTED to a request belonging to another project, even though the item is not being checked out / edited in relation to this request. (CM rules are off.)


Instead, you will get an error message saying "Error: Item <itemspec> is not part of a valid related project for request <Request>"

Below are the steps to recreate this problem: -

a) Create item x in project A

b) Export item x to project B

c) Create request Z in project B

d) Relate item x to request Z

e) Remove item x from project B

f) Edit item x from project A


Expected result: -

You will be able to check out / edit the item.


Actual result: -

You get the error message below.

Edit Item - COR0005695E Error: Item PRODUCT:X TXT.BASE-SRC;A#1.0 is not part of a valid related project for request REQUEST_1

The AFFECTED mode for relating an item to a request should not be regarded as a dependency relationship.


Fixed in Dimensions CM 2010 R1.

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