SBM: Number field using Fixed Precision does not store the rounded number in database

ID:    D28027
Published:    22 November 2023
Updated:    20 December 2023

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Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.8




When a number field is created, you can use the Fixed Precision option to specify the number of digits to display after the decimal point. Users are allowed to enter any number of digits, but after the value is entered, the form will only display the number of digits specified by the field setup. The full value entered by the user is always stored in the database. The Fixed Precision setting only impacts the display of the value.

For example, if the field has a Fixed Precision of 2 digits and the user enters the value 1.345, the value will be displayed on the form as 1.35 (rounded to 2 digits), but the full value 1.345 will be saved to the database.

This can become a problem with external reporting engines that read the data directly from the database. These external reports will give different values and different totals than are seen from inside SBM.

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