SBM: Warning message after importing a snapshot in Composer should be updated

ID:    D27976
Published:    22 May 2023

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SBM 11.8




When importing an mss snapshot (rather than an msd blueprint), the user is given a warning alert. In part, this warning says:
If you cannot promote the snapshot into the target environment because of a version mismatch, use the "Upgrade Snapshot..." feature

This message is confusing because the user is in Composer, but promote is only done in the Repository. Similarly, "upgrade snapshot" is only available in the Repository.

Explanation: If you are in the Repository and try to promote a snapshot (which was created in an older version) into an environment that is running a newer version, you will get an error about the snapshot needing to be upgraded. In this situation, you should use the "Upgrade Snapshot" option in the Repository on the Snapshot screen. However, some customers were trying to upgrade the snapshot by opening it in Composer. This message as added to help this situation. However, this happens very rarely and is confusing for any customer who is not in this specific situation. 

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