Html tags in work center search results for journal fields

ID:    D27863
Published:    16 October 2022

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Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.8




If you are seeing html tag in your search results you may have followed the next steps:

In composer.
* Go to compose and create a text field type.
* In property editor
* Go to options, choose the journal option.
* Check the “Enable Rich Text”
* And put the field on the form.
In WorkCenter:
* Click on the user icon and select settings.
* Go to search tab and put the field on the search results and save it.
* Finally put any sentence in the journal field.
This will display the journal field as expected.
But now go to composer again and uncheck the “Enable Rich Text” for the journal field.
The html will be displayed in the search result, so once you check the “Enable Rich Text” you can’t go back.


 For now, the only way to solve this problem is keep the “Enable Rich Text” checked.

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