Transition buttons randomly disappear from the form (OK and Cancel buttons disappear)

ID:    D27860
Published:    04 October 2022
Updated:    11 October 2022

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.7.1

Also Affects

SBM 11.7.1


 When a user is completing a form and scrolls down, when they scroll back up, the OK and Cancel buttons have disappeared.
Closing the form and trying again allows them to complete the transition.

 Problem is in transition forms and also aux table submit
 Error in DevTools is:
 Failed to excute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Fail to load 'https://server/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?shell=swc&SectionStatesForm' " Synchronous XHR in page dismissal


This defect is related to the latest security improvements in Chrome browser.

Workaround 1:
Use another browser instead of Chrome.

Workaround 2:
Use the workaround for Chrome browser provided in the article: 

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