GetFieldValue does not return consistent results for Date/Time fields of type "Time of day"

ID:    D27859
Published:    23 September 2022

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.4.2




When using javascript to the the value of a Time of Day field, GetFieldValue returns inconsistent results. For example, when using code such as this:

var firstvalue = new Date(GetFieldValue("MY_DATE_FIELD"));
alert ("arrive as Date " + firstvalue);

The new Date object will sometimes return with today's date and the time set as the value from MY_DATE_FIELD. Other times, it will return with no date (resulting in December 31, 1969) and the time set as the value from MY_DATE_FIELD but offset by GMT time. Because the results are not consistent, you cannot use the value after it is read.

NOTE: This is most likely to happen when the javascript reads more than one "Time of Day" field. It will usually work consistently as long as only one field is read.

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