Rich-text and "Require appended text" journal fields can't be updated by SBM web services

ID:    D27857
Published:    12 September 2022

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.7.1

Also Affects

SBM 11.7.1

Resolved In

SBM 12.1


When a journal field have both "Enable Rich Text" and  "Require appended text" selected, the SBM web services can't update them. 

This can result in failed transitions and errors similar to this one:

"Unable to complete transition of item. One or more fields are invalid.

'Journal' is a required field. Please supply a valid value to complete this transition. [(|TTwrnIDS_F1_MSG_FIELDS_FIELDREQUIRESVALUE|)]"


A workaround would be to change one of the journal field properties:

- clear "Require appended text" field attribute,
- or clear "Enable Rich Text" field option.

Any such change requires a re-deployment of the process app. 

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