Aux table selected in Composer is not selected in "Properties"
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ID:    D27855
Published:    03 August 2022

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SBM 11.8




 1. Describe the problem & the customer's use case scenario?

The issue is on the comperse app, when customer try to move between multiples forms of other tabs on the tab bar of the desing editor, it sould be full to use the tab bar.

2. What are the steps to reproduce the problem?

 a. Open Composer to a Process App with multiple forms. If a Process App with multiple forms is not available, open any process app and create multiple forms (also you can open scripts tabs or other the issue occur as well.).

b. Click the “All Items” filter In “App Explorer”.

c. Right-Click and select “Open in new tab” items in the App Explorer until the tab bar in the Design Editor is “full”. Last of all add at least 2 forms using right-click and “Open in new tab”.

d. Use the Design Editor tab bar scroll arrows to move the tab bar to display the forms. If necessary, “drag” the tabs for the forms so that they are next to each other.

e. Select the tab for the “first” form (the left-most tab in the tab list). 

f. Note if the Design Editor pane shows that form. Note if the Property Editor pane shows that form.

g. Click a tab to the right of the currently selected tab to display another form.

h. Note if the Design Editor pane shows the second form selected. Note that the contents of the Property Editor pane still shows the first form. 

Note: the behaviour only occur when select the first tab and then the last tap. 

3. What is the expected result?

The expected results is when click the tab the information of the property editor should be changes for the tab chooise, not keep the previous selected.

4. What is the actual result?

The actual result is the property editor doesn't display the information of the data of the tab selected it keeps to showing the previous selected. 

5. What is the business impact of this issue?

They should select other tabs until the information start to changing and select that they want to change. 

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