SBM: Rest Grid does not return any results when the Rest call contains dynamic parameters

ID:    D27848
Published:    08 July 2022
Updated:    12 August 2022

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 12.0

Assigned To

SBM 12.1


In Progress


As an example, the Rest call to ZMF looks like this:
With this call the XXXXX section is dynamic and will change with every SBM item.

When this is setup in Composer, the Rest Grid URL will look like this: (Notice the SBM field that is used to pass in the value to the URL.)
However, when the browser loads the form, the URL used by the Rest Grid is cut off at the dynamic portion to look like this:

This is an invalid URL and the Rest Grid displays nothing.

This regression was caused by a security fix that was made in SBM 12.


Currently, no workaround

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