Work center deploy/promote failed if search settings option is defined

ID:    D27818
Published:    20 October 2021
Updated:    09 November 2021

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.8

Resolved In

SBM 12.0


A deploy/promote may get the following message in the activity log if the search settings option is defined:

Failed to complete the deployment to server "Work Center Server" at 10/4/21 7:52 PM.
INFO -- The following errors or warnings were received:
Could not commit JPA transaction; nested exception is javax.persistence.RollbackException: Transaction marked as rollbackOnly 

The workCenter.log will show the following error:

ERROR 04-10-2021 19:52:47 [WorkCenterDeploymentControlServiceImpl] -- java.math.BigInteger cannot be cast to java.lang.Long  

java.lang.ClassCastException: java.math.BigInteger cannot be cast to java.lang.Long 


To work around the issue, you will need to edit the workcenter.xml in the MSS or MSD file by changing the file extension to .ZIP and extracting the contents.  You will need to remove the data within the "<XMLSearchSettingsList_1014>" (the number at the end of it may be different) element in that file so that you are left with just "<XMLSearchSettingsList_1014></XMLSearchSettingsList_1014>" for that element.

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