Legacy Forms do not always trigger actions on transition form submittal

ID:    D27814
Published:    01 October 2021

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 11.8




When adding a change action to a rich text memo field, it will not get triggered if the user submits the form without first selecting outside of the memo field.

The steps to reproduce the problem
a. Update the memo field.
b. Click OK without leaving the memo field.  If you click out of the memo field before clicking OK to the transition then the binary field will be updated.

Work Around
The best option is to uncheck Legacy on the form.   
Often this will work and the form will display as expected.  The default goal should be to ensure that no form is a Legacy form.  

If it is not possible to uncheck Legacy then the next best option would be to rebuild the form with Legacy turned off.

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