Default Values not set on POST transition or transitions called via Web Services if SetFldsForPostCopyTransOrig is set to 0

ID:    D27278
Published:    04 March 2019

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If the SetFldsForPostCopyTransOrig is set to 0 in TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS then default values set on a POST are no longer set unless manually overwritten to "Set to Default" on the transition in the relevant project in Application Administrator.

Steps to reproduce:
- Change the SetFldsForPostCopyTransOrig to 0 in TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS and restart the SBM Services (update TS_SYSTEMsettings set TS_LONGVALUE = 0 where TS_NAME like 'SetFldsForPostCopyTransOrig';)
- on a POST transition (for simplicity post into the same project using the default submit transition) map a few fields to be populated on POST
- set a couple of fields (which are not mapped in the POST) to contain default values on the submit transition
- deploy the process app
- submit a new item into the project (which means the fields set to default are populated with their defaults)
- execute the POST transition

Expected result:

The new item created by the POST transition should have the fields set to default populated with their defaults.

Actual result:

The new item created by the POST transition has no values for the fields set to have default values.

This behaviour also affects submits via web services from orchestrations.

For example: A binary field is set to a default value of No in the table but the first value in the list is by chance Yes.
It used to be sufficient to set this default value on the table for this to effective on transitions so a new item submitted into this project would have this field set to No.
We also tried setting "Set to default" and Default Value of No on the Submit Transition but regardless of these settings a submit using Web Services from orchestrations into this project defaults to Yes for this binary field.

The workaround is to override these fields in Application Administrator in the project on the submit transition and set them to "Set to Default".
Setting them on Composer to "Set to Default" does not help!

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