Setting the license manager port

ID:    D27277
Published:    21 March 2019
Updated:    27 April 2022

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Dimensions RM 12.6.2

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Dimensions RM 12.10.1


We have had repeated calls concerning the addition of firewall ports to the license file.  The following should be added to the RM Installation notes - with a reference to the SLM Installation Guide.


The following instructions will enable the administrator to add a port to the license manager which is useful for firewall support.
On the server side, edit the license file (<license>.lic), adding the port number to the end of the SERVER line:
            SERVER <ServerName> <HostId> <PortNumber>
            For example: given the host QCREQMAPP01 at HostId 005056ab546b the SERVER line will read:
          SERVER QCREQMAPP01 005056ab546b 27001

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