DA: Get startup errors if DA Profile is installed in a pathname that contains a space

ID:    D26591
Published:    13 June 2019
Updated:    22 July 2019

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Originally Reported Against

Release Automation

Resolved In

Deployment Automation 6.3




After DA is started, the catalina log file contains errors like:
11-Jun-2019 12:54:39.207 WARNING [localhost-startStop-1] org.apache.jasper.compiler.JspRuntimeContext.initClassPath Invalid URL found in class path. This URL will be ignored Illegal character in path at index 15: file:/D:/Vendor Programs/DA-Profile/conf/
Errors similar to the above may be repeated a few times with the path ending in either conf/ or conf/server/
The software is having problems with the space character in the URL pathname.  This is causing DA startup to fail when trying to read several of the properties and XML files.  DA may still start, but it will be running with default values rather than the values set for your site.


1)  Stop Tomcat
2)  Move the DA profile from: D:\Vendor Programs\DA-Profile\
    to: D:\VendorProgams\DA-Profile\
NOTE:  Do not move everything under Vendor Programs, we are only moving DA-Profile folder.
3)  Navigate to the Tomcat home folder D:\Program Files\Micro Focus\common\tomcat\8.5\webapps\da\configuration
    Edit the file
Change the installLocation to whatever you are now using for the profile.  For example: D\:\\VendorProgams\\DA-Profile\\
Save/Write the file
4)  Before we restart Tomcat, we need to make some other changes
5)  Clear out the Tomcat logs common/tomcat/8.5/logs 
6)  Clear out the DA logs:  /var/log 
7)  Restart Tomcat

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