DA: Changing component template value does not change URL

ID:    D26477
Published:    10 April 2019
Updated:    07 June 2019

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Release Automation

Resolved In

Deployment Automation 6.3




Two component templates, A and B, were defined using source config type "Maven". The repository URL is different for each of them.

When changing a component that uses template A to use template B the repository URL field is not updated. When selecting the other template in the "edit" form the repository URL field is updated, but after saving it reverts back to the old version, whilst the template itself is changed.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a template "Template A", source config type "Maven", repository URL "http://localhost/repository1"
2. Create a template "Template b", source config type "Maven", repository URL "http://localhost/repository2"
3. Create a test component that uses "Template A" and save it
4. Edit the test component, and select "Template B" in the dropdown. You can see that the Repository URL field gets updated, then save it
5. In the "Details" now it can be seen that the template is changed to "Template B", but the repository URL is still set to the URL of template A.

Users are not able to rely on values being carried across when altering component templates.

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