RLC: Environment name at the top of a Release Package is displayed as "(None)" (10000 scheduled items)

ID:    D26319
Published:    19 December 2018
Updated:    25 April 2019

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Release Control 6.2

Resolved In

Release Control 6.2.4


After deploying a Release Package and moving to the second environment (such as the QA environment), the environment name at the top is displayed as "(None)".

This problem was introduced with SBM 11.3.1 with RLC 6.2 and only occurs if there are more than 10000 scheduled item records in the database. You can verify the number of scheduled items in your database by running this SQL:


The only hotfix that is available today is for RLC 6.2.3. You can download the RLC 6.2.3 HF 1 from the KB at:

If you are running a different version, contact Support.

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