RLC 6.2 / SBM 11.2/SBM 11.3: Child release packages are missing in the Overview tab after linking Parent release package on a release train

ID:    D24583
Published:    22 May 2017
Updated:    14 September 2017

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Release Control 6.2

Resolved In

Release Control 6.2.1


This problem only affects release trains. After attaching a parent release package, the child release packages do not show on the Overview tab. The parent and child packages should both be displayed.


To fix this problem:
1. In SBM workcenter, edit the Release Packages by Release Train. 
2. On the Search Filter tab, add the "or Parent's Release Train any (Query At Runtime)" as shown below:
3. Save report and copy the reference link. You will need the parameter for the query just added. It will look like: U_4d96eadb-cbac-423b-bb43-601099874509~Parent%27s%20Release%20Train
4. Open Release Train process app in SBM Composer. 
5. On the Master State Form, select the LinkedReleasePackagesActionList widget. 
6. On the properties tab, replace "Search Filter 1" with the paramenter value: \{name: 'U_4d96eadb-cbac-423b-bb43-601099874509~Parent%27s%20Release%20Train', value:''}
7. Repeat for the RT Deployment State Form
8. Deploy the updated app. 

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