Title for Milestone is overridden on update

ID:    D23557
Published:    15 September 2016
Updated:    19 April 2019

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Release Control 6.1

Resolved In

Release Control 6.2


Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Create a release train.
  2. Add a milestone. This will default the title to have the RT name.
  3. Change the title to something different, and click OK to save.
  4. Update the milestone item.
  5. Notice that title is overridden and now includes the RT name again.


  1. In Composer, open RLC - Approvals.
  2. In the form section, right click on "Milestone Submit Form" and choose Duplicate.
  3. Rename the new form to be "Milestone Update Form".
  4. RLC 6.2:
  5. On the update form, select the Title. Then, at the bottom in the Properties Editor, switch to the Refresh tab.
    Uncheck the options for "on page load" and "on data change".
  6. RLC 6.2.1:
  7. On the update form, in the Properties Editor, switch to the Actions tab.
  8. Uncheck the box to disable the "Set Title" action.
  9. On the workflow, select the state called Pending.
  10. On this state, you will see transitions called "update". At the bottom in the Properties Editor, look at the Form tab. One of the update transitions will be using a form called "Milestone Submit Form". Change this one to use the new "Milestone Update Form".
  11. Save and deploy the changes.

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