ZMF4ECL: Various issues related to complex/super package creation and updates

ID:    D23268
Published:    01 July 2016
Updated:    29 September 2016

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack

Also Affects

ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack

Resolved In

ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack Client Pack 8.1.2
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack ZMF4ECL 8.1.2




The following issues have been reported in relation to creation and update of complex or super packages in the ZMF4ECL interface:

a) When creating a new super or complex package:

- when using shorthand notation for the attached participating packages these are not expanded on the displayed window.
- HLLX PCRE0108 is called with partPackageName.0 = 0, indicating no participating packages have been attached, even when they have been supplied.

b) When updating the same super or complex package and adding or removing packages from the list:

- HLLX PUPD0008 is called, again with partPackageName.0 = 0 indicating that no participating packages are attached.
- HLLX PUPD0108 is not called after adding or deleting one or more of the participating packages from the list and clicking ‘Finish’.
- when a participating package has been inadvertently deleted from the list, it cannot be re-added until the current dialog has been completed/cancelled.  An error message stating ‘PPKGnnnnnn is already attached to package CMPXnnnnnn’ is issued when the user attempts to re-add it.  It should be possible to re-add the mistakenly deleted package without having to cancel any other updates.

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