checkDTMaximumLimits message is not friendly

ID:    D21347
Published:    27 March 2012

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Release Manager 2.1

Also Affects

Dashboard 1.2
Release Automation 3.3.3
Release Control 3.3




When adding Deployment Tasks to a Release Package, you can have a max of 50 task.  If you try to create more, you will see an error such as:
Error occurred during web service invocation:
SOAP Fault Code: env:Client
SOAP Fault String: checkDTMaximumLimits: CheckMaximumLimitsFault: The maximum items that can be related to DEPLOYMENT_TASKS field in the USR_RELEASE_PACKAGE table has been reached!
The error does tell  you the problem, but the message is not very user friendly. Suggestion for new text:
The maximum limit of deployment tasks per release package has been exceeded. You must remove a deployment task to add a new one.

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