'Please Contact Your Administrator' Message Appears on Forms

ID:    D17803
Published:    28 March 2012

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Development Manager

Resolved In

Dashboard 1.2
Development Manager 1.2
Requirements Manager 1.0




If you experience a problem where the message Please Contact Your Administrator keeps appearing on various forms, it is likely that a report that is being used in an embedded report widget is missing. This will cause the error to appear, and not cleared for a period of time, thus appearing on other pages.


The solution is to make sure all reports exist and that the widgets are properly calling them.

To check that the reports are set up correctly:

  1. In the user environment, view an item.
  2. View each tab that has an embedded report.
    • If you see the report showing data, or even it you just see the columns and there is no data, the report is set up correctly.
    • If the report is not there and it says something like “this report may be deleted”, “you do not have permissions to see this report”, or any other error message, the report has not been set up correctly.

For details of how to create a missing report with the correct reference name, see the SBM documentation.

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