SSM links should use Internal Names for transitions, but do not

ID:    D15972
Published:    24 July 2012
Updated:    08 January 2013

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Release Manager 2.1

Also Affects

Dashboard 1.2
Release Automation 3.3.3
Release Control 3.3

Resolved In

Release Manager 4.0.1




The current file shipped with RLM and ALM contains "display" transition names.  The documentation implies that Internal Names should be used.

The product should be using Internal Names to avoid issues with localised, translated or modified ITSM/SSM installations and will be so modified in a future version.  Until then, ensure that the file uses display names, as it currently does.  Once this product change has been made, an appropriate note wil be inserted in the documentation.

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