RC 3.3 - unable to do a clean install with SSO & Common Tools

ID:    D15891
Published:    11 July 2012
Updated:    08 January 2013

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Release Manager 2.1

Also Affects

Dashboard 1.2
Release Automation 3.3.3
Release Control 3.3

Resolved In

Release Manager 3.5




When installing Release Control to a system that does not already have Serena Common Tools installed, you will need to use the "Custom" installation type.  Select the SSO component and then enter hostname and port number when prompted.

You may then also need to verify that the URL is correct in the gatekeeper-core-config.xml file in the "\tomcat\6.0\alfssogatekeeper\conf" directory, as for non-SSL installations an invalid space is added after the port number as here :

<parameter Type="xsd:anyURI" name="SecurityTokenService">http://DEV0105:8085 /TokenService/services/Trust</parameter>

This needs to be adjusted manually to

<parameter Type="xsd:anyURI" name="SecurityTokenService">http://DEV0105:8085/TokenService/services/Trust</parameter>

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