Error "Please Contact Your Administrator" shows on forms when you open them.

ID:    D15310
Published:    23 April 2012
Updated:    08 May 2018

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

SBM 10.1

Also Affects

Development Manager 1.1
Development Manager 1.2
Release Control 3.2
Release Control 3.3
Release Manager 2.0
Requirements Manager 1.0
Service Manager 3.0

Resolved In

SBM 11.4


The Issue:
User is shown the error "Please Contact Your Administrator" on EVERY form (state and transition) after loading a form with an embedded report widget that cannot find the report it references. In other words you don't get this error on the actual form with the embedded report widget you actually see it on the next form you click on so it's very confusing as to what is causing the error.

The Scenario:
A process app has a custom form that has an embedded report widget that calls a report by reference name
The report does not currently exist in the environment that the process app gets deployed to
The form is loaded in the UI
An error exists because the report is not available
The user clicks a transition and moves to a different form
The error message "Please Contact Your Administrator" appears at the top of the new form, and if it was a quick transition it loads the form because of the error message

If you look in the Event Viewer you will probably see an error like the following as well.

Report id 0 cannot be executed with table ID <= 0. Most likely, User Settings are not correct.


In order to avoid this error the workaround is to correct the embedded reference for the report widget and make it point to a valid report.

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