DM2009: Deliver of a large stream gives unusual error messages though delivery does succeed

ID:    D11065
Published:    16 August 2010
Updated:    30 September 2011

Defect Id


Originally Reported Against

Dimensions CM 2009 R1.01




In Dimensions CM 2009R1.01, deliver of a large stream gives error messages similar to:

Sample errors are:
COR0006321E Error: Command execution failed.
Please check the log file 'filename' for more information.
Delivering Stream: 1634.656000 sec

COR4501111E Error: Failed to prefetch remote file "filename" - a disk I/O error occurred.
COR0006384E Error: Failed to create Item for 'filename'

NCL4500614E Out of memory trying to grow file cache (capacity=406740600, used=406714902, remaining=25698, io_size=119700)
NCL4500612E Error: Failed to read file filename into file cache
Warning: There were errors while uploading files from the specified network node. Please check the upload log.
COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted.

However, upon checking the files that were delivered to the stream, it seemed everything was delivered without problem.



In this case, the errors could be ignored because a check of the stream indicated that the files were successfully delivered. Unfortunately, a diff or comparison between the stream and the work area may be necessary to confirm whether the delivery was successful.

This problem has been forwarded to development and will be corrected in a future revision.


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