Planned termination of Basic Authentication for Outlook 365 could affect SBM

ID:    A94
Published:    19 July 2022


  • SBM


SBM / TeamTrack accessing mailboxes in the Outlook 365 cloud for the following functionality:  Email Submit and SBM Notelogger.
Microsoft will retire Basic Authentication for accessing mailboxes on Outlook 365/Exchange Online as of October 2022.  It will be necessary to update SBM to 11.8 or better in order to be able to setup SBM Email Submit and SBM Notelogger to access these mailboxes for submitting new items or attaching notes to existing items. 


SBM can access Outlook 365 using OAuth2 authentication.  This will require coordination with your Microsoft 365 Administrator.  The following is a list of changes that can be made.

  1. Setup SBM 11.8 or better to use OAuth2 when accessing Exchange Online.  SBM 11.7.1 can potentially work, however, only SBM 11.8.1 has been fully tested.
  2. An alternative to setting up SBM to use OAuth2 with Exchange Online is to run an internal mail server that SBM can use to access email


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