Dimensions CM Web Client applet certificates expire on February 25th 2017

ID:    A81
Published:    15 February 2017
Updated:    22 February 2017


  • Dimensions CM


The certificates used to sign the Dimensions CM applets will expire on February 25th 2017.  After this date users will get a Java security warning when logging into the Web Client or Adminconsole.  (Functionality will be normal when a user acknowledges the warning and proceeds).


To address this problem the Dimensions CM server must be updated with the hotfix provided for CM, CM, CM, CM 14.3.1 or CM 14.3.2 here:


Users unable to apply the updates before February 25th, 2017 should add the Dimensions CM server URL to the Exception Site List in the Java Control Panel  on the client (Control Panel -> Java  -> Security).

Users of older versions not included in this list should update to a supported version and apply the corresponding hotfix or use the exception list as a workaround.

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