Expiring Certificate for Dimensions CM on August 9th 2014 - this will result in "PRG7700117E Error: Untrusted endorsing credentials" when logging into the Desktop Client

ID:    A61
Published:    16 July 2014
Updated:    24 July 2014


  • Dimensions CM
  • Release Manager
  • SBM


If your Dimensions installation satisfies all of the below conditions then on 9th August 2014 a certificate will expire and you will be unable to logon to the Dimensions CM Desktop Client, DMCLI, .NET or Eclipse.  You will get an authentication error "PRG7700117E Error: Untrusted endorsing credentials". Note: This error will not occur in the web client.
  • Dimensions CM release is lower than 14.1
  • SSO with CAC is being used (either from SBM or CM)
  • Default Certificates are being used


Are the following two variables set in the Dimensions CM Server dm.cfg file? 
If yes then the expiry date of the certificate can be checked by issuing the below command where <filename> is the name of the certificate file referenced by the SSO_SERVER_CERTIFICATE variable
openssl x509 -in "<filename>" -text -noout
For Example:
You will be unable to logon to the Dimensions CM Desktop Client, DMCLI, .Net and Eclipse.  An authentication error "PRG7700117E Error: Untrusted endorsing credentials" similar to below will be received:


How to resolve
Please go to article S140601 to generate a new key and establish a trust with the SSO Server.


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