Click "ALERT: A57" for Java 1.7.x updates solutions for Serena web clients using the Java plug-in may randomly stop working after 14 January 2014.

ID:    A57
Published:    24 January 2014
Updated:    27 January 2014


  • Development Manager
  • Dimensions CM
  • PVCS Version Manager


Due to security enhancements that have been added to Java 7 as of update 25, the release of a new JRE on Oracle's website will automatically block certain features in the older versions of Java plug-ins that may be installed on your system.
These blocked features will prevent the web client of certain Serena products from working, such as Dimensions CM and PVCS Version Manager.


  • If you are using Dimensions CM, please see Knowledgebase Solution S140201
  • If you are using PVCS Version Manager, please see Knowledgebase Solution S140200

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