Notification Server hangs or crashes so notifications no longer go out in 2009 R4 - DEF198769

ID:    A44
Published:    23 February 2011
Updated:    06 June 2013

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows


  • SBM


If the amount of emails being sent in a cycle is less then the number of configured threads then each unused thread will be leaked. This will result in the number of threads increasing whereby the notification server will eventually crash or hang and no notifications will be sent out.

All installations of 2009 R4 will have this problem as the configured number of threads is 2. So if in notification cycle there is only 1 email there will be a thread leak. Over time this will eventually cause the notification server to hang or crash.


Workaround: Create the following registry value:


Name: NotificationMessagesThreadCount

Type: DWORD ( 32-bit )

Value: Decimal Value, Set it to 1


See DEF198769 for additional details.

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