Possible data loss when checking into branches following switch to NOGENERATEDELTA on existing split archives served by File Server releases prior to VM 8.3

ID:    A41
Published:    23 March 2010
Updated:    23 March 2010

Operating System(s)

  • All Unix
  • All Windows


  • PVCS Version Manager


A possible data loss scenario can occur under the following circumstances:
  1. The File Server process is running on VM 8.0 through VM
  2. The archive is split, has the NOGENERATEDELTA attribute, and contains at least one revision.
  3. The NOGENERATEDELTA archive attribute is changed by the VM Administrator to GENERATEDELTA.
  4. A revision is checked into a branch that existed prior to the GENERATEDELTA attribute switch.
       - or -
    A new branch is created off of a trunk revision that existed prior to the GENERATEDELTA attribute switch.
When all these conditions are met, the trunk revisions involved in the branch path may get replaced by the contents of the branch revision being checked in, causing the original revision data of those trunk revisions to get lost.
This defect was resolved in the File Server as included with VM 8.3. (See defect DEF177435.)
Knowledge Base article S137716 contains a utility that can be used to indentify archives possibly affected by this defect, and includes instructions on how these revisions can be fixed using a backup.
Serena strongly recommends that all customers on older releases upgrade their File Server to release 8.3.

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