After upgrade to TeamTrack or TeamTrack, some attachments may not be accessible on items.

ID:    A40
Published:    10 December 2009
Updated:    11 December 2009

Operating System(s)

  • All Windows
  • Linux
  • Solaris


  • TeamTrack


Please use this SQL statement to determine if you may have issues viewing an attachment on an item after upgrade to TeamTrack or .18


In certain circumstances, items stored in the database may not have the correct file size recorded in the TS_BLOBS table.  This SQL will identify any attachments with this issue.  We will be supplying an update statement to fix the issues very soon.


This will only affect attachments added to items before the upgrade, and will only affect attachments stored in the database.  Also, the attachment is not destroyed, just inaccessible, so there is no loss of data.


select [WRONG_RECORDS]=count(*) from TS_BLOBS where TS_FILESIZE <> datalength(TS_BLOB) and TS_BLOB is not null

--SELECT FOR ORACLE Please put in the correct tablespace name
select count(*) as WRONG_RECORDS from <TABLESPACE_NAME>.TS_BLOBS where TS_FILESIZE<>dbms_lob.getlength(TS_BLOB) and TS_BLOB is not null



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